First Date Tips That Everybody Should Follow

Most people find having a first date a pretty nervous experience. You obviously want to make a good impression and hope that you find that special chemistry, avoiding any of those awkward silent moments or embarrassing situations.

There are however some pretty simple tips that you can follow to help ensure that your first date goes as smoothly possible. Some of these might seem like common sense, but with the nerves of meeting someone new and trying to be attractive these basic things can often by overlooked. Below is a  vietnamese woman for marriage  run down of the fundamental first date tips to always remember:

Keep the first date under 2 hours long:
Two hours might not sound like long, but how quickly the time passes will depend entirely on how well the date goes. Plan to keep the date short however it turns out. If it doesn’t go well, you’ll be thankful it isn’t going on for longer, whilst if it goes well keeping it brief will leave your date wanting more. Your date will be looking forward to the second date even more.

Do something that you enjoy:
Choosing to do something that you like is a good idea for several reasons. Not only will you be sure that you are comfortable and relaxed, you will also be giving your date an idea about what you like to do. If it goes well you can suggest that your date chooses the activity for the second date. Another benefit is that you can make sure that the activity suits your budget – the last thing you want is to not be able to afford to the pay the bill (or at least your share of the bill).

Do something affordable:
What is affordable to one person can be very different to another login  person so this doesn’t mean it has to be cheap. The key point is to make sure the activity you choose is something that suits your style and your budget. After all, if you over spend in an attempt to impress then the only way you can go for date two, three and four is likely to be down. If you wont be able to maintain the level of spending in the future then don’t start off in that manner. Much better that your date takes a liking to you, not how much cash you have in your pocket.

Do something where you can chat:
A movie is a bad idea. There, I said it. It may be a popular first date but, really, it’s a cop out. Two hours watching a movie in near silence does not equal getting to know somebody. Choose something where you can chat away and find out if you and your date are compatible.

Go somewhere that doesn’t require a long journey to get to:
A lengthy journey on a first date should be avoided. You want to spend your time doing something fun and actually being at your chosen venue, not sitting on a train or in a traffic jam. Choose somewhere local so that the actual date starts quickly and the enthusiasm doesn’t seep away.

Avoid competition:
Many of us are competitive animals; so much so that no matter the situation our desire to win can sometimes take over. It’s best not to do an activity that involves you competing at all, either with your date against others

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