What Are Rust Remover Products?

Rust remover products are special formulas used to remove rust stains. Most of these products contain oxalic acid. Unfortunately, oxalic acid is extremely toxic. Not only that, it can also do harm and irreparable damage to wide variety of materials such as plastic and metal. So you should be extra cautious in using these rust treatment products. You can protect yourself by wearing rubber gloves and eye goggles as well as making sure that you’re working in a well ventilated area.

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At present, there are a number of rust remover products available on the market. But believe it or not, several common household items can also be used to remove rust stains. These household items can be used individually or combined to create more effective, safe rust remover products.

Examples of natural rust removers include cream of tartar, hydrogen peroxide, borax, and baking soda. These ingredients can be combined to create a homemade rust remover paste. Borax and baking soda can be substituted with other similar products because their primary purpose is to add grit to the solution without causing damage to the metal surface when used.

To make this natural rust remover, a teaspoon of cream of tartar and a quarter cup of borax or baking soda should be mixed with enough hydrogen peroxide to make a thick paste. The paste should then be rubbed onto the affected area and allowed to stand for at least half an hour. Then the rust stain should be wiped with a damp sponge. If some rust stain still remains, the entire procedure should be repeated until the rust stains are completely removed.

White vinegar is another natural rust remover commonly found in homes. When using white vinegar as a rust remover, you should spray directly onto the rust stain and scrubbed the affected area thoroughly. Then the affected area should be sprayed again with white vinegar and allowed to sit for at least half an hour. This will give the white vinegar sufficient time to react with the rust stains. After being allowed to sit, the rust stain should come off easily when the vinegar is wiped away.

Another natural rust remover solution is a cup of borax mixed with lemon juice. This rust remover paste should be applied directly onto the stain. Then it should be allowed to sit for half an hour before you could scrub it clean. It might take a couple of applications for this natural rust remover to be successful. But this concoction is safe for many types of surfaces as well as safe for your pets and children.

Another class of rust treatment products is the rust converter. These products contain phosphoric acid that converts iron oxide (a.k.a. “rust”) to a blackish iron phosphate and polymers which bond to rust.

A unique advantage of these phosphoric acid products is that it leaves a fine coating of iron phosphate behind. Iron phosphate prevents rust. Unfortunately, the iron phosphate coating isn’t very thick and durable. Some additional protection is still needed.

But probably the best way to stop rust from spreading any further is to be a step ahead of it and prevent them it from corroding in the first place. You can do this by doing a regular check up and cleaning of your rust-prone items.

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